D-Link Customizable Level 2 Switch With 5 ports - DGS-1100-06/ME/E 285

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D-Link Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded in March 1986 ... more details

AED 285.00

  • 5 10/100/1000BASE-TX ports

  • 1 SFP ports

  • 14.88 Mbps (based on 64 Bytes)

  • Hardware Version: A1



Configurable Switch DGS-1100-06 / ME/E is equipped with a 5-port 10/100 / 1000Base-T and SFP-1 port. Designed for deployment of network Metro Ethernet, this switch is made in a secure enclosure and supports Multicast function for providing IPTV-service. 5 ports 10/100/1000 Mbit / s are equipped with built-in protection against static electricity up to 6 kW. The presence of the optical port SFP enables the construction of FTTx networks.
DGS-1100-06 / ME /E provides an opportunity to work with IPTV-services, or any other, based on the transmission of multicast traffic, enjoys a growing demand in the market, thanks to the support features such as IGMP Snooping, Limited IP Multicast (Limit multicast on IP-addresses) , ISM VLAN and MLD Snooping. Using these functions, enables optimum bandwidth while maintaining high quality data transmission. Function Limited IP Multicast Multicast enables you to create profiles and associate them with a port or port range to allow or deny requests to connect to a particular group (channel) that are sent to users. Using profiles simplifies the management of IPTV service in case the user changes the package. When using the ISM VLAN functions (IGMP Snooping Multicast VLAN) multicast traffic for the purpose of efficient spending of the bandwidth is transmitted in a separate VLAN. When using the ISM VLAN feature requires configuring a switch on the access and aggregation switch to the L3 level. Saving bandwidth is achieved in the case of viewing the same channel in different customer VLAN, it does not require a separate copy of the multicast traffic for each of them in the case of using ISM VLAN. Function MLD Snooping multicast improves efficiency and reduces costs during the transition to IPv6. 
High performance and fault tolerance
Switch DGS-1100-06 / ME supports a wide range of functions to ensure trouble-free operation, and simplifies management.Support Loopback Detection prevents the formation of loops in the network. DGS-1100-06 / ME/E  also supports QoS (Quality of Service). Packets can be classified on the basis of content and distribute in line with different processing priority. prioritization mechanism helps to differentiate traffic based on quality of service requirements.
bandwidth control feature allows network administrators to define throughput levels for each port with a minimum value of 64 kbit / s for incoming and outgoing traffic. The switches also support the protection of the functional storm (Storm Control), which allows you to get rid of unnecessary traffic. 
DGS-1100-06 / ME/E  also supports security features. Through the use of Static MAC mechanism can allow access only to authorized devices. Port Security allows you to limit the number of MAC-addresses, studied at the port, and to prevent flood-attacks against overflow switching table.
DGS-1100-06 / ME /E supports 802.1x authentication based on port / host, and authentication based on local database or RADIUS-server. Administrators can also place unauthorized users in the Guest VLAN and assign limited permissions.
Setting the switch can be made via Telnet, SNMP and HTTP. Convenient Web-based interface for easy management. 
Protocol LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) enables a network equipment to notify a local network of its existence and characteristics, so in accordance with the result of the search can be easily applied to the detected device configuration, and a graphical image of the topology. In addition, the switch supports cable diagnostics to check the status of network cables and identify the causes of failure of performance.
Switch DGS-1100-06 / ME /E allows administrators to perform quick diagnostics and troubleshooting. The diagnostic function to determine the length of cable connected and display information about its status. Support for this feature provides an easy to find and eliminate problems. In addition, DGS-1100-06 / ME supports IEEE802.3ah standard link-layer protocol that provides administrators the ability to monitor network status and quick detection of faults in the switch ports.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name D-Link Customizable Level 2 Switch With 5 ports - DGS-1100-06/ME/E
Brand D-Link
Model DGS-1100-06/ME/E
Series DGS-1100-06/ME/E
Part No. DGS-1100-06/ME/E
  •  Power (per device)
  • Link/Activity/Speed (per port)
Dimensions (mm) 190 x 120 x 38 мм
Weight (kg) 0.42 kg
Temperature Working temperature From 0 to 40 C storage temperature From -40 to 70 C
Humidity From 10% to 90%


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