All-in-One Computers

All-in-One Computers

Go Simple and Smart With an All-in-One Computer


Technology has become a vital part of our lives and has no alternative to it. However, with time technology has developed a lot and is still developing. It has made our lives simpler and everything is now done in a jiffy – thanks to technology! The evolution in technology is more prominent in terms of computer and the cyber world as it has developed just from assembled desktop to notebook laptops today. Computers have become simpler than ever and these all-in-one computers are way too compact and convenient than before and these systems come packed with an interesting list of features and specifications. Read more to know about these all-in-one computers.


What is an all-in-one computer?


An all-in-one computer is that in which all the internal components of the system remain in the same case and has a smaller footprint as compared to a desktop. This type computer was popular during the early 1980s and these systems are not only compact and convenient but also very simple to use and do not need much maintenance.

Listed below are some reasons for choosing an all-in-one desktop computer over a laptop:


1.    The process of assembling and dismantling the parts of a desktop is simple whereas it is quite complicated in a laptop.

2.    The all-in-one desktop computer can be upgraded to a greater extent than laptops.

3.    Adding or removing various parts such as optical drive, hard disk etc is quite simple in these systems as compared to laptops.

4.    Power consumption is not critical in all-in-one desktop computers as compared to laptops.

5.    All-in-one desktop computers have more space for cooling fans and vents to dissipate the heat produced during the working of the system.


There are various advantages and disadvantages of laptop and all-in-one computers. Laptops are more portable and can be carried easily from one place to another whereas an all-in-one desktop computer cannot. During a power loss, the all-in-one desktop computer shuts down or needs a UPS to continue working for the maximum of few hours where laptops run on a rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery and store the charge for extended time when there is no power. Unlike all-in-one computers, a laptop does need an external power supply to support during power failures.


In spite of few issues associated with these systems, there are many who would want to buy all in one PC owing to their choice and requirements. There are different styles, designs, and configurations of these systems available in the market and you can select the one that best matches with your needs. If you are planning to opt for an online option to buy online all in one PC in UAE then will prove to be an apt choice.